During normal working hours per 15 minute appointment (Accounting fee of $10 if not paid at the time of visit)

Enrolled/Registered patients (pay on day)

Age CSC card No CSC card
 Children under 14 years free free
 14-17 years $13 $32
 18-24 years $19 $38
 25-44 $19 $43
 45-64 years $19 $44
 Over 64 years $19 $41

Non-enrolled (casual) patients

Fees available on enquiry

Fees can vary depending on procedures required, additional time for consultation, insurance, immigration medicals, minor surgery and after hours consultations or call outs.

It is important that you have an up-to-date CSC card with you as we are unable by law to reduce the cost without a valid card.


Due to the large volume of emails received regarding clinical matters, a minimum fee of $25 will  be charged for email consultations/correspondence, unless they require only a very brief response.

Phone consultations

Phone consults with a nurse or doctor will be charged according to the time taken.  Some doctors also provide phone consultations which are also charged according to the time taken.


There are fees for prescriptions (if not part of a consultation).   Non-urgent prescriptions are $15 if paid within 5 working days, and $25 after 5 days.   Urgent (same day) prescriptions are $25 if paid within 5 working days, and $35 after 5 days.  These fees apply to enrolled patients only.  Casual patients fees are available on enquiry.