Manage My Health™

The team at Mapua Health Centre are pleased to announce that you are now able to access your health information through the internet, for free, by using a patient portal.

Manage My Health™ is a web site that uploads patient information from our computer to a secure web server so that you can access your own health information and manage aspects of your health care where ever you may be. It also allows us, to communicate with you.

The website has a number of other features that may be of interest to you including health related news, community forums and access to wellness initiatives. Please see for more details and you may like to watch the short video about how it works by Richard Medlicott

Each patient is required to have his/her own dedicated email address and login, a family address is not accepted. We also rely on you to keep your password safe and to take all reasonable measures to protect your personal information.   If you would like to register for Manage My Health™ please contact one of our receptionists on 03 5402211


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a patient portal offer?  

Patient portals can allow you to:

  • request repeat prescriptions
  • book appointments
  • see your lab results
  • receive reminders and recalls from the practice team
  • see your immunisation and vaccination history

 In the future

Mapua Health Centre will also be able to offer to:

  • send and receive secure messages to your GP or a practice nurse.
  • see notes from your last appointment with a GP
  • see your current diagnosis
  • see a list of your medical conditions

Why should I use a patient portal?

A patient portal gives you 24/7 access to your health information. You can order a repeat prescription, check a lab result, send a message to your GP or perform many other health services at a time and place that suits you.

How do patient portals work?

Once you have supplied your email address to your practice, you will be sent an email inviting you to register for a patient portal and choose a password.

What technology will I need to use a patient portal?

You can use your portal on devices such as laptops, personal computers, tablets or smartphones.

If you have an email address and access to the internet, you can see your portal anywhere at any time.

Will I need to be trained to use a patient portal?

Most people find patient portals are intuitive and easy to use.

 Can I use my patient portal in an emergency?

No. You should not use your patient portal to ask your GP or nurse about an emergency or an urgent health issue. If it’s an emergency, call 111.

Will I be able to see all my health information on a patient portal?

Not necessarily. Doctors can choose which services to offer when they introduce a patient portal. Some doctors will show a complete medical record, some will show a summary of health information, and some won’t offer this service.

Even if you are not able to see your health information on a patient portal, you have a right to see health information held about you by your GP.

How safe are patient portals?

Your general practice already has systems in place to make sure your information is kept private and confidential.

If your GP decides to introduce a patient portal, the practice’s security systems will be reviewed to ensure your health information remains secure.

An audit trail will show who has accessed the patient portal, to make sure your health information has been seen only by staff who are allowed to see it.

You should protect your patient password as carefully as you would protect an electronic banking password.